Certainly! Here is a general overview of the Terms and Privacy policies that may apply to Cedar Hills Therapeutics. Please note that these are general guidelines and it’s important to refer to the specific policies provided by Cedar Hills Therapeutics for accurate and detailed information.


  1. Appointment and Services: When scheduling an appointment with Cedar Hills Therapeutics, you agree to comply with their policies and procedures regarding appointment scheduling, cancellation, and rescheduling. You also acknowledge that the services provided are subject to availability and the discretion of Cedar Hills Therapeutics.

  2. Payment and Fees: Cedar Hills Therapeutics will have their own payment and fee policies. It’s important to review and understand these policies, including accepted payment methods, any cancellation fees, and any additional charges associated with the services rendered.

  3. Confidentiality: Cedar Hills Therapeutics respects your privacy and maintains the confidentiality of your personal information and medical records in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations. They will have protocols in place to protect your privacy and ensure the confidentiality of your information.


  1. Information Collection: Cedar Hills Therapeutics may collect personal information from you when you schedule an appointment or engage in their services. This may include your name, contact details, medical history, and other relevant information necessary for your treatment.

  2. Use of Information: Cedar Hills Therapeutics will use the information collected to provide you with the requested services, communicate with you, and ensure the quality of care. They may also use the information for internal purposes such as improving their services or conducting research, always in accordance with applicable privacy laws.

  3. Data Security: Cedar Hills Therapeutics will have measures in place to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, loss, or disclosure. This may include the use of secure servers, encryption, and restricted access to personal data.

  4. Third-Party Disclosure: Cedar Hills Therapeutics may disclose your personal information to third parties involved in providing the services or as required by law. They will have procedures to ensure that any third parties who receive your information adhere to strict privacy and confidentiality standards.

It’s important to review and understand the specific Terms and Privacy policies provided by Cedar Hills Therapeutics, as they will outline the details and specifics related to their services, data handling practices, and privacy protections.